Wholeschool Stops Bullying at the Source

 Unique Webcast Program Connects Children Across US & World,
rings Children to Self-Understanding and Empathy

Wholeschool opens a window to the world in every classroom by connecting kids across North America and the globe through a unique live interactive webcast experience. Together, children explore:

• Who Am I?
      How do my complex body & mind work?
      How do I keep them running well?
Why does it matter? 

• Why Do I Feel This Way?
      How do my thoughts and feelings work?  Why do they change?
      How do my feelings affect me?
      How do I let people  know what I’m feeling?
      Why do others feel or say the things they do?

• Why Do Those People Do That?
      What do I consider “normal?”
      Do my cultural beliefs have something to do with where I showed up in the world?
      How do my attitudes of “normal” affect how I talk and am with others?

• What Do I Want My Life To Be?
     How am I creative? What are my passions?
     What do I want my life to be?  How do I get there?

Wholeschool changes the world outside by helping children explore the world inside.


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